Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) / JTC Industrial Land Tender Results (2014 - 2016)

Historical Data of Industrial Land Sold - Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS)Tender Results from 2014 to 2016

Date of AwardLocationNumber of BidsSite Area (m2)Plot RatioHighest BidderTender PricePrice Psm Per GPRLease (Years)
27/12/2016Plot 11, Tuas South Link 255,016.501.4Zhao Yang GeoSystems Pte Ltd$2,688,888$382.8620
17/11/2016Plot 6, Tuas South Link 265,050.001.4Wellbuilt Pte Ltd$2,829,060$400.1520
17/11/2016Plot 3, Tampines Industrial Drive34,885.701.4Kok Tong Transport & Engineering Works Pte Ltd$3,105,360$454.0020
29/9/2016Plot 8, Tuas South Link 255,953.301.4Aik Leong Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd$3,210,000$385.1420
10/8/2016Plot 7, Tuas South Link 255,332.701.4SE Global Group Pte Ltd$2,680,000$358.9720
22/6/2016Woodlands Sector 2313,542.001.4Yee Lee Development Pte Ltd$6,180,000$325.9720
6/5/2016 Plot 1, Tuas South Link 1133,300.101.4Diamond Land Pte Ltd$37,500,000$563.0630
6/5/2016 Plot 2, Tampines Industrial Drive44,890.701.4Hock Lian Seng Holdings Limited$3,708,000$541.5520
7/4/2016 Plot 5, Tampines Industrial Drive35,077.801.4Precise Development Pte Ltd$3,611,331$508.0020
7/4/2016Plot 9, Tuas South Link 224,802.101.4Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd$2,200,000$327.2420
7/4/2016 Plot 7, Tampines Industrial Drive24,112.501.4Chye Thiam Maintenance Pte Ltd$2,982,385$518.0020
14/1/2016 Plot 5, Tuas South Link 235,050.001.4Hiap Shing Construction Pte Ltd$3,000,000$424.3320
18/12/2015 Plot 12, Tampines Industrial Drive24,794.501.4Trading & Transportation Pte Ltd$4,900,000$730.0020
27/11/2015 Tanjong Penjuru216,307.902.5Trans Eurokars Pte Ltd$13,000,000$318.8620
30/10/2015 Plot 9, Tampines Industrial Drive55,778.201.4Zulin (S.E.A) Pte Ltd$5,850,000$723.1620
2/10/2015 Plot 6, Tampines Industrial Drive54,732.501.4Lim Wen Heng Construction Pte Ltd$4,935,998$745.0020
2/9/2015 Plot 11, Tampines Industrial Drive45,283.601.4Wai Fong Construction Pte Ltd$5,000,006$675.9520
15/7/2015Plot 4, Tuas South Link 217,900.001.4Mundipharma Manufacturing Pte Ltd$12,500,000$1,130.2020
26/6/2015Plot 4, Tampines Industrial Drive35,686.301.4Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd$5,900,000$741.1320
15/5/2015 Plot 46, Tuas South Street 636,988.001.0Tean Chay Crane Rental Pte Ltd$5,611,365$803.0020 years 3 months
27/4/2015 Plot 43, Tuas South Street 1158,409.801.0Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd$6,996,954$832.0020 years 4 months
25/3/2015 Plot 53, Tuas South Street 755,038.601.0L & P Blasting Pte Ltd$5,506,480$1092.86 20 years 4 months
25/3/2015Plot 42, Tuas South Street 1128,409.201.0Ho Lee Construction Pte Ltd$6,744,178$802.0020 years 5 months
27/2/2015Plot 8, Tampines Industrial Drive45,033.001.4Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd$5,800,001$823.1420
27/2/2015Plot 40, Tuas South Street 113 10,000.001.0Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd$8,400,000$840.0020 years 6 months
19/1/2015Plot 52, Tuas South Street 948,369.001.0Asiaone Logistics & Warehousing Pte Ltd$7,038,000$840.9620 years 7 months
23/12/2014Plot 1, Tampines North Drive 158,369.001.0Prospaq Group Pte Ltd$6,878,000 $821.84 20 years 8 months
27/11/2014Plot 41, Tuas South Street 1139,000.001.0Jian Man Construction Pte Ltd$7,510,000$834.4420 years 9 months
21/11/2014Plot 48, Tuas South Street 958,369.001.0New Hope Singapore Pte Ltd$6,963,008$832.0020 years 9 months
23/10/2014Plot 44, Tuas South Street 735,038.601.0IG Tuas Pte Ltd $5,201,000$1,032.2320 years 10 months
10/9/2014Plot 12, Off Tuas South Ave 74 25,700.002.0Hock Lian Seng Holdings Limited$30,988,000$602.8830
24/7/2014Tuas Avenue 11-8,922.001.4Soon Hock Realty Pte Ltd$14,388,000$1,151.8930
24/7/2014Plot 39, Tuas South Street 11-10,000.001.0Tiong Aik Construction Pte Ltd$8,073,000$807.3020 years 10 months
2/6/2014Plot 49, Tuas South Street 9-8,369.001.0Pan Marine Blasting Abrasives Pte Ltd$5,925,252$708.0021 years 2 months 
2/6/2014Plot 51, Tuas South Street 9-8,369.001.0Asiagroup Leasing Pte Ltd$5,948,000$710.7221 years 2 months
29/4/2014Plot 45, Tuas South Street 6-6,988.001.0SH Design & Build Pte Ltd$5,278,000$755.2921 years 3 months
29/4/2014Plot 47, Tuas South Street 6-6,988.001.0Soon Hock Investment Group Pte Ltd$5,115,000$731.9721 years 3 months
14/4/2014Plot 6, Tuas South Street 6-4,551.401.0H P Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd$4,100,000$900.8221 years 5 months
14/4/2014Plot 34, Tuas South Street 13-7,447.401.0Evan Lim & Co. Pte. Ltd.$4,850,000$651.2321 years 5 months
14/4/2014Plot 35, Tuas South Street 11-7,432.101.0Toko Tan Equipment Pte Ltd$4,293,524$577.7021 years 5 months
14/4/2014Plot 38, Tuas South Street 13-7,176.501.0AEI (China) Holdings Pte. Ltd$5,038,888$702.1421 years 5 months
10/3/2014Plot 33, Tuas South Street 11-7,432.101.0United Hudson Investment Pte Ltd$4,808,000$646.9221 years 7 months
10/3/2014Plot 36, Tuas South Street 13-7,431.701.0Quek & Quek Civil Engineering Pte Ltd$7,431,700$1,000.0021 years 7 months
10/3/2014Plot 37, Tuas South Street 11-7,177.001.0United Hudson Investment Pte Ltd$5,029,200$700.7421 years 7 months
10/3/2014Woodlands Industrial Park E9-18,394.102.5Vantage Properties Pte Ltd$56,180,000$1,221.7030
28/1/2014Plot 20, Tuas South Street 10-3,036.201.0The Hi-Fi Company Pte Ltd$3,104,759$1,022.58 21 years 7 months
28/1/2014Plot 22, Tuas South Street 10-3,036.001.0Brown Metal Engineering Pte Ltd$3,235,320$1,065.6521 years 7 months
28/1/2014Plot 24, Tuas South Street 10-4,551.201.0E C Builders Pte Ltd$4,600,000$1,010.7221 years 7 months

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