Current JTC Land Rents and Prices for JTC Industrial Land

What is the Current JTC Land Rents and Prices for JTC Industrial Land?

UPDATED Jan 2018
While every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is correct, ALLIANCE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD  disclaims liability for any damage or loss that may be caused as a result of any error or omission

($ psm per annum)
30- YEAR LEASE ($ psm)
Tuas View (PR 1.0)11.21184
Tuas View (PR 1.4)12.97231
West of Tuas Road (PR 1.0)13.10209
West of Tuas Road (PR 1.4)15.59265
West of Tuas Road (PR 1.6)17.81303
West of Tuas Road (PR 2.0)18.90359
West of Tuas Road (PR 2.4)19.82404
West of Sungei Lanchar (PR 1.0)14.12238
West of Sungei Lanchar (PR 1.4)16.81300
West of Sungei Lanchar (PR 2.0)20.45406
West of Sungei Lanchar (PR 2.5)22.30438
Kian Teck (PR 1.0)14.20-
Kian Teck (PR 1.4)16.92303
Kian Teck (PR 2.0)20.57-
Kian Teck (PR 2.5)22.53445
West of Jurong River (PR 1.0)16.23270
West of Jurong River (PR 1.4) 19.32338
West of Jurong River (PR 2.0)23.10439
West of Jurong River (PR 2.5)24.51467
Bulim (PR 1.4)22.25390
Bulim (PR 2.0)26.60508
Tukang Innovation Park (PR 1.0)17.69293
Tukang Innovation Park (PR 1.4)21.04372
Tukang Innovation Park (PR 2.0)25.15480
Tukang Innovation Park (PR 2.5)26.70509
East of Jurong River (PR 1.0)18.45315
East of Jurong River (PR 1.4)21.95395
East of Jurong River (PR 1.6)25.08453
East of Jurong River (PR 2.0)26.00505
East of Jurong River (PR 2.5)28.60538
Pandan Gardens Estate, Teban Gardens Estate  (PR 2.5)32.39613
Along West Coast Highway (PR 2.5)33.11631
Changi North Runway Access Land (PR 1.0)23.13397
Changi North Non-Runway Access Land (PR 1.0)16.35258
Changi North Runway Access Land (PR 1.4)27.53502
Changi North Non-Runway Access Land (PR 1.4)19.46325
Changi North Runway Access Land (PR 1.6) 31.46571
Changi North Non-Runway Access Land (PR 1.6)22.24372
Changi North Runway Access Land (PR 2.0)35.85676
Changi North Non-Runway Access Land (PR 2.0)25.34438
Changi North Runway Access Land (PR 2.5)40.47796
Changi North Non-Runway Access Land (PR 2.5)28.69515
Changi South (PR 1.0)16.69267
Changi South (PR 1.4)19.94335
Changi South (PR 1.6)22.68385
Changi South (PR 2.0)25.88453
Changi South (PR 2.5)29.20534
Mandai (PR 2.5)22.36415
Sungei Kadut & Kranji (PR 2.5)18.54360
Woodlands East & Senoko (PR 1.4)16.33260
Woodlands East & Senoko (PR 2.0)20.89337
Woodlands East & Senoko (PR 2.5)23.08396
Woodlands Ave 12 (PR 2.5)26.54455
Yew Tee (PR 2.5)20.99450
Bedok (PR 2.5)42.96760
Jurong East (PR 2.5)50.48822
Kampong Ubi (PR 2.5)57.99958
Paya Lebar iPark (PR 2.5)64.451,073
Serangoon North (PR 2.5)48.29803
Tai Seng (PR 2.5)57.99958
Toa Payoh (PR 3.0)58.25972

Important Notes:
  • Rates are tied to the maximum allowable Plot Ratio for the site.
  • Sites fronting certain main roads and/or within the vicinity of MRT stations are Prime Sites and the land rents are 5 -20% higher than equivalent normal sites.
  • Under the Rental Scheme, land rent is payable monthly in advance and will be revised on an annual basis to the prevailing JTC rate with a 5.5% escalation cap. The land rent for the further term of 30 years, if any, shall be revised to the prevailing rate.
  • Alternatively, under the Purchase Scheme, lessees can opt to pay the lump sum land price upon acceptance of an offer. Please consult our Marketing Officers for more information.
  • Lessee shall bear and pay property tax direct to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).
  • Rates indicated may change at the point of offer due to changes in market conditions.
  • The rates and other information contained herein are applicable at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All rates quoted are subject to the prevailing GST.