What is the Current JTC's Subletting Policy for JTC's Industrial Land?

JTC Revised Subletting Policy (with effect from 1 October 2014)
Currently, JTC’s lessees or tenants are allowed to sublet their space to facilitate the co-location of related companies and activities for better synergy. They are also allowed to sublet temporary vacant space to other companies, putting scarce land resource to productive and optimal use. As lessees or tenants have been allocated the land for their own productive use, they have to continue to occupy the majority of the space. As such, JTC has set a limit on the maximum amount of space lessees are allowed to sublet.

Upon extensive consultation with various industrialists and industry associations, there is general agreement that 30% of the total gross floor area (GFA) is an adequate steady state space for a company to use as buffer to cater to fluctuating business volumes. As a result, JTC will be adjusting the maximum allowable sublet quantum from 50% to 30% of GFA, with effect from 1 October 2014 onwards  This sublet quantum cap does not apply to lessees subletting to their wholly-owned subsidiary or company in which they have a majority shareholding of at least 51%. In addition, given that tenancies are short term, JTC tenants will no longer be permitted to sublet their space. In the event tenants have excess space , they can renew their tenancy for a lower quantum at the end of their current term.

The changes to the Subletting Policy are reflected as follows:

Affected Parties

Current Policy

Revised Policy 

End-user Lessees
Can sublet up to 50% of GFA per allocation upon Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), to non-related companies. Can sublet up to 50% of GFA to non-related companies within five years after obtaining TOP, and up to 30% thereafter.

Third-Party Facility Providers
Can sublet up to 50% of GFA per allocation to non-anchor subtenants.

Must sublet at least 50% of GFA per allocation to anchor subtenants

No minimum occupation period for subsequent anchor subtenants.

Can sublet up to 50% of GFA per allocationto non-anchor subtenants within five years after obtaining TOP, and up to 30% thereafter

Must sublet at least 50% of GFA to anchor subtenants within five years from obtaining TOP, and 70% thereafter.

Minimum occupation period of three years for subsequent anchor subtenants.

 JTC’s Tenants

 Can sublet up to 50% of GFA to non-related companies.

 Not allowed to sublet.

Note: All subletting applications are subject to JTC's consent.

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