Key Criteria for JTC Assignment of Lease for JTC Factory and Industrial Land

What are the Key Criteria for JTC Assignment of Lease for JTC Factory and Industrial Land?

Industrial Land productivity is one of the key criteria when JTC is considering applications for renewal of lease or to purchase or rent their facilities.

Annual Land Productivity Statistics - Value-Added Per Square Metre of Manufacturing Industries 2012
 SSIC 2010  Industry Description Industry Average ($psm) 
 10/11/12 Food, Beverages & Tobacco Products 1,514
 13/14/15 Textiles, Wearing Apparel, Leather & Footwear 982
 16 Wood Products  209
 17 Paper Products  488
 18 Printing & Reproduction of Recorded Media  869
 19 Refined Petroleum Products 49
 20 Chemicals & Chemicals Products  457
 21 Pharmaceuticals & Biological Products  7,574
 22 Rubber & Plastic Products 791
 23 Non-Metallic Mineral Products 719
 24 Basic Metals 551
 25 Fabricated Metal Products 813
 26 Computer, Electronic & Optical Products 6,208
 27 Electrical Equipment  1,173
 28 Machinery & Equipment  1,051
 29 Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers 342
 30 Transport Equipment 1,174
 31 Furniture  717
 32 Other Manufacturing 2,822
  Manufacturing Average 1,309
Note: Above figures are tabulated based on JTC companies that are matched with EDB’s CMA 2012. 

Note: All subletting applications are subject to JTC's consent.

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