How to make Further Enquiries on Conditions of Tender for Industrial Land?

  • Any queries, doubts or uncertainties about these Conditions of Tender or the Technical Conditions of Tender contained in the Developer’s Packet for the Land on which the tenderer requires clarification from JTC are to be listed or set out clearly in the Enquiry Forms supplied in the Developer’s Packet and
  • Such Enquiry Forms must be submitted to and received by JTC not later than two (2) weeks prior to the submission of tenders.
  • JTC’s replies to such queries, doubts and uncertainties shall be sent to the inquirers not later than one (1) week prior to the date for submission of tenders.

While every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is correct, ALLIANCE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD disclaims liability for any damage or loss that may be caused as a result of any error or omission.

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