Is Environmental Baseline Study required and What is the Reinstatement at End of Lease Term for Industrial Land?

Environmental Baseline Study :

    • The Successful Tenderer shall conduct an environmental baseline study to determine the presence of minerals, hydrocarbons and chemicals on and beneath the Land and to submit to JTC a written copy of the results of the Environmental Baseline Study within four (4) months from the commencement date of the Lease Term.

Reinstatement at End of Lease Term :

    • To remove all buildings, structures, fixtures, fittings, installations and equipment, or any part of it as may be specified by the Lessor;
    • To engage a competent independent consultant, who shall be from the relevant list of third party specialist consultants published at the relevant time by the National Environment Agency or its successor, to conduct another Environmental Baseline Study (“Subsequent Study”) to determine the level of contamination at, on and beneath the Land and buildings and to submit a written copy of the Subsequent Study to the Lessor;
    • If the results of the Subsequent Study indicate that the level of minerals, hydrocarbons or chemicals present at the time of the Subsequent Study exceeds that of the First Baseline Study, to properly carry out within the time stipulated by the Lessor, all works necessary to decontaminate the Land to the state and condition existing at the time of the First Baseline Study and to the Lessor’s and the Authorities’ satisfaction; and
    • To reinstate any damage to and yield up the Land in tenantable repair or original condition in accordance with the Lessee’s covenants.

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