What is the Tender Validity Period, Tender Deposit and Manner of Payment for Industrial Land Tender?

  • All tenders submitted shall remain valid for a period of ten (10) weeks, with effect from 11.00am on the tender closing date.
  • Every tenderer shall pay a tender deposit of at least five percent (5%) of the Tendered Sale Price.
  • The tender deposit mentioned shall be paid at the time of submission of tender in the manner following:

-- by way of one (1) or more cashier’s order(s) made payable to “Jurong Town Corporation” in the manner hereinafter appearing;

-- by way of bank transfer to the bank account of JTC hereinafter mentioned and in the manner hereinafter appearing;

-- by providing (as security for the payment) one or more bank/insurance guarantee(s) issued in favour of “Jurong Town Corporation” in the form and in the manner hereinafter set out for the total sum equivalent to the Tender Deposit; or

-- by a combination of two (2) or more of the abovementioned methods for the total sum equivalent to the Tender Deposit.

  • Payment in CASH or by CHEQUE or any other means WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

While every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is correct, ALLIANCE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD disclaims liability for any damage or loss that may be caused as a result of any error or omission.

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