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  • JTC Lease Renewal / Extension of Lease (JTC Factory / JTC Industrial Land)
How to Successfully Apply for Approval for JTC Lease Renewal and JTC Extension of Lease?

  • JTC New Industrial Land Application / Tender (JTC Factory / URA Industrial Land) / Industrial Government Land Sales Programme (IGLS / URA / JTC Industrial Land Tender)
How to Successfully Prepare, do Analysis and Tender for JTC Industrial Land or URA Industrial Land?

Historical Data JTC Industrial Land Sold from January 2014 to October 2018

JTC Industrial Land Tender Results @ Tuas South

JTC Industrial Land Tender Results @ Tampines North Drive

  • JTC Assignment of Lease Application (JTC / URA Industrial Land)

JTC Industrial Properties Caveats Lodged for JTC's Standard Factory and JTC's Purpose-built Factory

  • JTC Third-Party Build and Lease Scheme (JTC Procedure / Submission & Application)

  • JTC Anchor Tenant Application

  • HDB Industrial Assignment of Lease Application (HDB Industrial Land) -  JTC Submission & Application

  • JTC Concept and Price Tender (Industrial Land Application and Tender)

  • JTC Standard Factories Launch (JTC Application & Submission)

Facilities Optimization & Relocation
JTC Design and Build
Building & Construction Tender Documentation

JTC Industrial Property – Quarterly Market Report 

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