JTC Anchor Tenant Application

How to Successfully Apply for Approval as JTC Anchor Tenant for Industrial Land?

JTC Anchor Tenant Application

The approved anchor tenant of a Third-Party Facility Provider is defined as a company that satisfies JTC’s assessment of value-added, remuneration per worker and skilled worker profile, as well as the minimum GFA requirement.

Detailed Business Plan and Proposal are Required for submission to JTC.

Reduced Gross Floor Area (GFA) Requirement by JTC Anchor Tenant / Subtenants

Under 3PFP’s policy, approved anchor subtenants must collectively occupy a minimum quantum of space and each anchor subtenant must take up at least 1,500 sqm of space. We have received feedback that many quality anchor subtenants require smaller spaces than the minimum space quantum specified in the policy. In our review, we had to balance the need to ensure the provision of large spaces for quality industrialists with this feedback. To allow more quality industrialists to qualify as anchor subtenants, we will reduce the required minimum GFA to 1,000 sqm.

JTC Anchor Tenant / Subtenants Which Remain status quo at Renewal Need Not be Reassessed

Currently, anchor subtenants need to apply for subletting renewals and applications are assessed based on their economic contributions, the productivity of the project and the creation of good jobs. To improve administrative efficiency, the reassessment of existing anchor subtenants at renewals will now be required only when there is a change (i.e. an increase or decrease) in their occupied GFA and/or usage. Please note that applications will still have to be submitted for extensions of subletting period.

Minimum Occupation Period of JTC Anchor Tenant / Subtenant upon Renewal

A minimum occupation period (MOP) of three years per term is currently imposed on subsequent anchor subtenants, i.e. replacement of the original anchor subtenants. To allow greater flexibility for these anchor subtenants, we will now consider the overall duration the anchor subtenants have been on site. As such, during their renewals, subject to our approval, they can now renew for any duration (depending on their business needs) after they have fulfilled their initial MOP. Similarly, this flexibility will also be extended to original anchor subtenants for their renewals after they have fulfilled their MOP.

Minimum Occupation Period (revised w.e.f. 15 November 2013) and Gross Floor Area for JTC Anchor Tenants

  • The original anchor subtenant is required to occupy a minimum 50% of GFA within 5 years from the first TOP for the site and minimum 70% thereafter.
  • Remaining GFA can be sublet to other industrialists (i.e. normal subtenant), subject to usage and compatibility.
  • In the event that the original JTC anchor tenant pre-terminates, the third-party facility provider is required to get replacement JTC anchor tenant(s) approved by JTC to fulfil the remaining minimum occupation period.
  • Should the original JTC anchor tenant leave after fulfilling the minimum occupation period, the third-party facility provider is required to ensure that the minimum 70% GFA is occupied by other approved JTC anchor tenant(s) at all times. Multiple JTC anchor tenants are allowed to jointly fulfil the minimum 70% GFA requirement and each is to occupy at least 1,000 sqm.

The information listed above is to be used as a reference only. All applications are subject to final approval by JTC at JTC's discretion (including any terms and conditions that JTC may in its discretion impose with such final approval). While every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is correct, ALLIANCE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD disclaims liability for any damage or loss that may be caused as a result of any error or omission.