JTC Concept and Price Tender (CPT)

How to Apply Successfully for JTC Factory under the Concept and Price Tender (CPT)?

Industrialists may apply to lease land by participating in the Concept and Price Tender (CPT). Site details are made available to the public via the JTC corporate website, as well as advertisements in the Classifieds section of The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao.

Submissions must be made during the tender period as stipulated below. Tenderers are to submit their business proposal and bid rent in TWO separate envelopes.

The tender process will be held in TWO stages:

    • (i) For the first stage, tenderers will have to meet the minimum tender requirements and will be assessed based on the strength of their JTC Proposal and Proposed JTC Business Plan.
    • Only tenderers who pass the first stage will be qualified for the second stage.
    • (ii) For the second stage, tenderers will be assessed on their bid price (land premium or land rent as specified in the tender documents).

JTC Concept and Price Tender Results

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